Special Bohemian Style Jewels of Nature - Clothing, Accessories and Home Decor

Pressed Botanical Jewels

These woodland inspired glass necklaces are made with a real Alaskan Balsam Poplar tree leaf. The Latin name for the tree means "tree of the people." The Celtic name for poplar is edad, which means "victory, transformation, and vision." I think these are the perfect specimen subjects to use as a feature in these lovely 18 mm waterproof jewels.

I create these using a special art glass that reflects light and mirrors surrounding colors for a unique and impressive display of the perfect real skeleton tree leaf inside. The amazing glass has a variegated colored metallic transparent character to let in light and reflect those tiny leaf details with explosions of color while you dance through your daily routine.

I make the skeleton leaves by hand with an intricate process of boiling them in a natural acid base until most of the softer plant matter has dissolved away. Then they are rinsed and carefully pressed and dried to use for these precious tiny terrarium focals. The process takes the utmost of patience and time and I think you will enjoy the amazing outcome.