Tiny Wishes Ring Dandelion Seed Jewelry

  • Solid Sterling Silver adjustable (US size 6 through 8.5) ring with a fancy crown bezel
  • Real Dandelion seed perfectly set in a tiny 10mm mirrored Dichroic glass jewel
  • Unique gift idea for any of the nature lovers on your list
  • Made in Alaska with real flowers and seeds

A tiny wish ring of Dandelion seeds under glass. Jewelry made from real pressed flowers and seeds. This has an adjustable band with a crown bezel in 925 solid stamped sterling silver. Perfect gift idea for a girlfriend, sister or any of the ladies on your gifting list.

A real dandelion seed for unlimited wishes is featured in layers of semi transparent multi tone mirrored Dichroic art glass to wow the audience and present ceaseless entertainment for the wearer. A magical effect of bouncing light behind these tiny seed filaments creates a brilliant display. This little 10 mm seed gem is seated in a beautiful antiqued Sterling Silver adjustable band and they make perfect companions. Very, very beautiful.

Each one of these is created by hand with similar products and each will be birthed with a tiny bit of variation while sticking with the basic theme as much as possible. Colors shift from a pale blue to gold transparent two tonal art glass base. Waterproof and tough enough to wear and love everyday. As with all of your fine jewelry be careful not to expose it to acidic chemicals like vinegar as these will oxidize the metals in the work. Take care not to scratch the surfaces. Clean and polish with a simple detergent or light wax and a soft cloth.

♡ This arrives with a factory recycled gift box and packaging with a nice product description card ready to wear or give as a gift with no need to rewrap.

Shipping will be USPS First Class Mail.

Dandelions have been used by us for food and as an herb for much of recorded history. The little plants were well known to ancient Egyptians, Greeks and Romans, and have been used in Chinese traditional medicine for over a thousand years. Dandelions likely arrived in North America with the first settlers—brought purposefully for their medicinal benefits. The entire plant, including the leaves, stems, flowers, and roots are edible, and have much nutritional value. Dandelions are found on all of the continents and have been used for food since prehistory. The petals, with other ingredients, including citrus, are used to make dandelion wine. The roasted roots can be used as a caffeine-free dandelion coffee. Dandelion is one of the ingredients of root beer.


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