White Daisy Necklace Floral Glass Botanical Jewelry

Real pressed flower jewelry in a White Daisy jeweled necklace. These floral glass botanical gardens of summer Wildflowers will be a perfect gift for all the lovely girls of Summer or white wedding accessories. Plants from nature preserved in a stained glass real blossom rainbow color shifting metallic pastel sky blue flash. The petals reflect the lovely mirrored glass with a sky blue rainbow flash and Sunshine.

Your choice of styles - choose an 18 mm cabochon in a minimalist style hanging from two separate strands of 1.3 mm sparkly stainless steel chain or a tiny bit larger 20 mm floral cabochon hanging from a simple circle bail with a 1.2 mm stainless steel ball chain.

This has been created using the eco friendly, totally lead free Tiffany style soldering method similar to that used in our drinking water systems. The solder I use is made of a combination of simple and safe tin and sterling silver. The pendants are waterproof and can be worn during everyday activities including showering, just be sure not to leave them submerged for long periods of time and use caution with harsh chemicals or acids like vinegar as this can oxidize the metal bezel. Safe cleaning can be done with mild detergents and a soft cloth to dry.

Please note that the necklace you receive will be just a little bit unique as each is made by hand with slight variations in natural flower selection and artwork.

This arrives with all gift wrapped with nice product description cards ready to wear or give as a gift with no need to rewrap. Shipping will be USPS First Class Mail.


note that photograph colors may differ slightly on different monitor settings ←

Thank you for shopping handmade and small business. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me.

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